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Dinner Jackets

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"In the eighteenth century a gentleman could go to a formal dinner comfortably dressed in jacket, waistcoat and trousers made of white or buff-coloured cotton. In the early nineteenth century, however, he was expected to arrive for dinner in a formal black coat. Then a faintly ridiculous ritual would be enacted, where the host or hostess would invite him to swap his heavy black coat for a lighter one. This he would accept, and he would then go out to the verandah where his bearer would be waiting with the lighter jacket, having been instructed to bring it along in anticipation of this formal invitation. TODAY! 2004 - EVENING SEMI-FORMAL: In warmer temperatures or during the summer months, a white/ivory dinner jacket can be another option for black tie affairs. Dinner Jackets should only be worn from May through September with the exception of warm resort locations or in hot-weather states where it is appropriate all year round. The Dinner Jacket should be worn with black trousers with one satin seam on the outside leg, black vest or cummerbund, black bow tie, white silk scarf, black or gold cufflinks and studs. Be Smart! Dress Smart!
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Dinner Jacket - White, 100% Polyester, Self Shawl Collar

ONLY $99.95

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100% Polyester, Ivory Dinner Jacket, Self Shawl Collar

ONLY $135.95

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Neil Allyn

100% Polyester White Dinner Jacket, 2 Button Notch Lapel

ONLY $139.95

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